Saturday, 2 April 2011

Q) 4&5: What Kind Of Media Instution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why ? How Will You Attract / Address Your Audience ?

Part 1 :
Initially we wanted our media product to be a  main stream blockbuster produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures until we realised that our finished product  would not be an accurate representation. We then realised that an independent low budget production company would be more suitable and we came up with the name group 2 production (  the name of our group !) .By using a independent low budget  production company a different distribution will be necessary as a lack of funds would mean world wide release would be out of the question . So instead negotiating with distribution companies alternatives like posting on the internet would be used for low budget productions

Part 2:
The internet is one of the most important resources for small independent media productions .Mainly because small productions have low budget and the internet can help with distribution and marketing as well as attracting an audience as most of it is free.Some of the most popular ways the internet helps with marketing are the use of social net working sites , such as Face Book where users can "like " and see images of production, embedded videos and links  etc  . Twitter were users can follow and receive up to date information on productions such as the block buster avatar {print screen ]
Another way the internet can help is the use of blogs much like this one , people may choose to post information on personal blogs where they can share thoughts and opinions.On of the biggest and well know is the public domain you tube where videos can be streamed and links can be placed , you tube have been known for helping videos to become over night success with views going from a couple hundred  to millions and being seen worldwide .
These types of web pages usually attract from young teens  to forty something's  onwards which gives independent media productions targeted at all different demographic's a chance .

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