Saturday, 2 April 2011

Q) 4&5: What Kind Of Media Instution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why ? How Will You Attract / Address Your Audience ?

Part 3:
In our lesson we researched 3 video networks the BBC network  , you tube and vimeo  all of which help independent films get distribution and exhibition .
An example i've found from you tube is called Scape Goats .it's an as media production from a couple years ago which has been uploaded on to the site . One way in which the people who created this clip attracted an audience  was by attaching a  "Tag " to their clip so if anyone types a certain word into the search box which  they have tagged their clip will appear as a result . This is an effective way as at times people may not be looking for a certian clip but come across by accident .Also as you tube is an world wide forum used by so many people in other countries may come across it and are able to comment and rate .

The Second clip that i found was one from vimeo called copy cut .vimeo unlike you tube has a niche audience and i my self did not know about it until  it was being discussed in class.Vimeo is a site that was created by film and video makes to share their work and this seems to be there main audience .A way which video's may attract audiences on vimeo is the feature of users being able to " Like " video's when some video's reach a certain amount of likes they are embedded onto the home page of vimeo .By doing this it is more likely that the clip will be seen by more people and even attract a different audience as having it on the home page when people log on to the site it is the first thing they will be greeted by .

The Third and final clip  i found was from the BBC  film network it's a slightly longer clip called Waiting for the end of the world.The BBC film network is specificity for British film making which is a contrast to You tube and vimeo showcasing world wide . The BBC film network also has a rating system with a link on the home page leading to some of the clips with the highest view . Also the BBC film network has catagorised all short films in either : animation , Artists Moving Image ,Music , Drama , Comedy and Documentary  . The site also has three short films advertised on the home page again which would attract audience as it is the first thing they are greeted by .

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