Monday, 4 April 2011

Q) 4&5: What Kind Of Media Instution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why ? How Will You Attract / Address Your Audience ?

Task 4: 
From the research I have completed I can see certain similarities in the ways our clips have been distributed & Exhibited .The first most obvious one is that both have been placed on the internet by being embedded on to a web site  our thriller film has more of a link to Copy Cut  as they have both been made available  on vimeo but our thriller could still make its way onto other forums such as you tube .With the websites having the function where people are able to view , rate and share opinions on the clips.

Also as many independent films are screened at film festivals we will be having a screening of our own ! 

where all thriller openings will be displayed .As well as the 200 copy dvd release 

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