Monday, 4 April 2011

Q8) Looking Back At Your Prelim , What Do You Feel You Have Learned In The Progression From It To The Full Product

Lessons learnt in the preliminary in the filming stage were valuable  use to us when filming our thriller opening little things like counting five seconds after hitting the record button  before we continued with what we were shooting . as those five seconds were valuable in the editing process if any cutting of clips needed to be carried out which we found out and had to re shoot due to the clips being to short.In our preliminary we mainly focused on including shots such as 180 rule , match cuts and over the shoulder shots .
Another valuable filming experience we had was the framing in shots . In one of the shots in our preliminary part of the characters head is not shown  we also were careful of the mise- en – scene as different objects that may appear in the clip can connote different meanings which could alter the point we were trying to get across  . Something else that we learnt was to be aware of the digetic sound  as whilst filming  our preliminary after the completion of editing and uploading to the blog we realised there was the sound of someone swearing .
From the editing process we learnt lots of the technical aspects of a media production our preliminary  task  which is where we made most of our mistakes  were made as it was our first real time using the equipment and the software on the Mac which were totally new to everyone in our group  the such as final cut pro , sound track pro and life type text , hand break etc. 

above are two screen shots one from our prelim and the other our final product
We decide to use the same ripple effect in both our prelim and in our final product .We decided to us the ripple effect again as we felt it was effective in creating an suspenseful atmosphere .One thing that we did change in the titles compared to our prelimnary was the font we decided to change the font as we wanted something to represent our main character.

Another similarity was the shot types we used over the shoulder shoulder shots to convey mystery

This is ascreen shot of where we made a mistake  with the framing of a shot as you can see we cut of the characters head after watching through our edited sequence and noticing this .We were able to progress from this mistake in demented as we tried our hardest to make sure that all shots were framed as they should be .

Our audience feed back from our cinema screening was great
and I managed to find someone who had something to say about our thriller opening !

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