Monday, 4 April 2011

Q8) Looking Back At Your Prelim , What Do You Feel You Have Learned In The Progression From It To The Full Product

Before we started planning and making our thriller opening sequence we did 2 experiments where we filmed 2 short sequences. First one was a Newspaper thriller where we had ti create a suspenseful short thriller by using different camera angles and edits. this exercise helped us to learn how to use the camera also editing programs such as :Final Cut Pro, Live Type to create the title sequence and Soundtrack Pro to create  sounds.
The second exercise was a Preliminary thriller film ,this time we had to create a short dialogue and plan the whole sequence ourselves.Also we had to use shots like Match cut, follow the 180 degree rule and over the shoulder shots. This helped us to prepare so when we have to film and edit our thriller opening sequence we would know what shot types to use.

These are some shots from our preliminary film called 'The Confrontation" for the title sequence we used a liquid mercury background in grey with white font. We tried to use a similar font to the one used in 'What Lies Beneath'.The background has a water effect which makes the title sequence more mysterious.

This shot and the next one are examples of match cut, we used it in the scene where Nelema opens the door and enters the room, we changed shots from a close up of her opening the door to waling in the room and then to extreme close ups as she closes the door.

Throughout the short movie we also used over the shoulder shots during the dialogue and we followed the 180 degree rule.

These are some of the shots from our final thriller opening sequence. We used the same background for the title sequence to the one used in our preliminary exercise. Again we used the inspiration form what lies beneath of the water effect to make it more mysterious.However we changed the colour to avery dark grey to represent the movie as its also very dark.

Throughout the shirt film we used various shot types, such as over the shoulder shots close ups, extreme close ups, wide shots,panning, etc.

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