Monday, 4 April 2011

Question 8 Looking back on our preliminary

In Confrontation we did not follow the order of were the directors and producers name went. But this taught us to use it for Demented. However the title sequence for Confrontation inspired us to use the same background for our title sequence.
This is our title sequence for our Confrontation prelim. When doing this we learned to darken the colour for Demented- to make the background look more professional. 

In Confrontation we did not use the shot rule- to shoot a few cm above the head. So the shots did not look as professional, while in Demented, we learned to shoot a few cm above the characters head.

Another thing that wasn't thought of well in Confrontation was the Mise en scene.                             

Again this is another example of bad shooting of the character, camera should of had the characters whole head in frame

In this screen shot you can clearly denote that this type of shot is not correct as there is too much space in the right, the camera does not focus on the character- character should have been in the middle.

In contrast to Confrontation, Demented has an iIdent and it follows the classic rule of film opening sequences.
Our group name was used to submerge as our film company. We used the same background for Demented as it reminded us of What Lies Beneath, we wanted it to relate to What Lies Beneath as we wanted our audience who watched it to have the same mysterious reaction it gave us.
  In Demented we created our own production- Timeless Production.
Here the camera captures the character correctly allowing the audience to focus on them.

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